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Thank you farmers and ranchers! As each of us gather around our dining room tables for our Thanksgiving feast, let us remember the folks that put the food on the tables!  The unwavering dedication and unmatched work ethic of America’s farmers and ranchers continue to sustain our families and our nation and warrant a special thank you this holiday season.

Their significance often goes unobserved as we as society rarely take time to realize the impact that our food and fiber system has on our daily lives.  As American consumers, our tables are filled with safe, reliable, and enjoyable food products that arrive in our grocery stores in convenient packages and at an affordable price. 

To America’s farmers and ranchers – thank you for filling our families tables every day of the year! 24/7/365, without hesitation, you are fueling the American spirit and way of life.  Your early mornings, late nights, steadfast perseverance, and numerous sacrifices are not unrecognized.  Our country was built on and sustained by your principles, your values, and the essential products that you continue to provide to our families. 



Photo taken last April at a cattle branding in Arminto, Wyoming at the Crimm Brothers Ranch By Blackacre Ranch Photography 

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November 26. 2009 12:14


It's easy to take for granted the people who work hard to grow our food.  Thanks for the reminder, Traci and Happy Thanksgiving!

crincker United States

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