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Around The Kitchen Table

Posted on December 31, 2009 07:13 by Crystal Young

Growing up I remember how excited my mom was when she got this big oval, Oak table for our kitchen. It kind of puzzled me - I mean why was this piece of furniture so important over others in the house. As I got older it became pretty clear what was so important about that table. 

Countless hours of 4-H record books and homework were done by my sister and I, at that table.
When neighbors came for coffee or potential bull buyers stopped in that is where we sat.
Before we had a home office cattle were registered, breeding dates entered, vaccinations recorded and countless sale catalogs and A.I. sire books were poured over so we could decide the future of our family’s cattle operation. 

We also ate at the kitchen table. Unless there was a hockey game on, or some other special event, we rarely left the kitchen table to eat supper. Steak, potatoes, peas or corn, and a salad - that was a pretty common meal.  
The kitchen table in our house was the communication center.
This Christmas I got to head back home to Alberta, and remember why the kitchen table is so important. The one night we sat at it until two in the morning trying to solve the world’s problems. My family is probably not unique. I think many of us have had these same experiences. I am grateful that kitchen table was such a big part of my farm family’s life, I think I am better because of it. 

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