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Sometimes We Need to Take Action

Posted on January 26, 2010 07:07 by Crystal Young

Recently, I spoke to the Five Nations Beef Alliance at their Young Rancher’s Round Table about telling our story to the consumer. The U.S. was represented by NCBA, the Canadian Cattlemen’s Association and the Australian Cattle Council represented their respected countries, and delegates from Mexico and South America were also in attendance.

Jill Harvie, Canadian Cattlemen’s Association, and I were talking before the event, and both agreed that is seems like at all these conferences and meetings we do a lot of talking. Great ideas are brought to the table, brainstorming happens, we feel empowered, we can change the world, and then we go home. We quickly get caught up in feeding cows, fixing fence or the office job and the ambition is lost.

This time we really wanted to prove that action could be taken. So Jill grabbed her camera, and sent me some footage and this was the result.

Now, I bet you can find a video camera laying around. And you probably know some techy kid, whether it is your son or daughter or the neighbor, that could do some editing. We need to put ourselves out in front of the public. The consumer likely has never seen a cow or a rancher for that matter, but they are curious. If we don’t answer their questions PETA or HSUS will.

So when we get home from NCBA, let’s put these ideas into motion.

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January 26. 2010 07:26

Cari Rincker

Great video, Crystal!  

Cari Rincker United States

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