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Social Media and Agvocacy

Posted on March 1, 2010 07:15 by Chelsea Good

I turned the first draft of the last chapter of my Master’s thesis in today! I’m sure I’ll share more about my thesis project with you as I get closer to defense time. My project focuses on how beef producers can effectively communicate with an urban public. For now, I’ll share one of my recommendations and a bit of my personal experience.

In my tactical recommendations for producers, I encourage them to advocate for agriculture in a variety of communication mediums – from printed letters to the editor and news media to the online environment and face-to-face communication. Social media in particular is a place I think is a good fit for “agvocacy” (agriculture + advocacy).

In my personal experience, social networking advocacy works. The Humane Society of the United States is an organization that – despite its misleading name – does not operate any animal shelters or spay and neuter clinics but does spend a considerable amount of its time and money lobbying against animal agriculture. From time to time, I utilize my personal Facebook page to share this with others. Below is a screen shot of an interaction where my friend Craig’s opinion of HSUS changed based on my Facebook advocacy. Craig is a law student specializing in administrative law with an interest in politics.  


I had a similiar interaction recently with my friend Tina, a Wichita nurse.

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April 9. 2010 13:06

Dina Clingman-Bell

Dear Ms. Good,

I wholeheartedly agree with your terminology and ideals behind 'agvocacy'.  This heartfelt sentiment is exactly what inspired me to open my own company but that name earlier this year. I am thrilled to know there are like minded people out there pushing for the world of agriculture.  Thanks for being part of the 'cure'!



Dina Clingman-Bell United States

June 30. 2010 05:06


Agvocacy Comes Full Circle

Agvocacy Comes Full Circle

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