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Finding my way...

Posted on February 21, 2011 09:05 by Meghan Wooldridge

Finding My Way…

I have tried many times in my life to have everything planned perfectly and lined out just so.

You are probably smiling because you figured out long ago that this can’t be done.

Well I am blonde.

Since that is my natural color, I have the privilege of making this statement: being blonde means being a bit slower on the uptake than the average Joe.

After college, I had ambitions of doing something spectacular and making lots of money.

I wanted both of those criteria met by an agricultural job. I had no idea how that was going to happen. I was smart enough (overcame the blonde challenge in this instance) to know that money and agriculture are not particularly attracted to one another.

At this point, I was starting to analyze just how unrealistic my ultimate plan might be. The spring before I graduated, I interviewed for an intern position with a feed company. During the course of the interview, I was accused of being an ice queen. Wow…harsh! Truthfully, I deserved it. I needed someone to be brutally honest about the impression I made on people. I took myself way too seriously. We both left the room smiling and I had learned a valuable life lesson.

After a successful summer with the company, I was offered a full time position. The catch was the location was TBD.

In January, I became a resident of the state of Pennsylvania / Maryland. I was excited, but at the same time, devastated. My savior came in the form of my training supervisor. Her family treated me like one of their own and she was there for me when the homesickness hit in full force.

 First East Coast apartment

From her I learned how to interact with all types of people and how to always put my best foot forward, even if all I wanted to do was cry about missing my family.  I also made some lifelong friends that happened to be my second set of landlords. After frozen apartment pipes, sending my dog back to Colorado, a bed bug attack, a car burglary, and numerous other adventures; I received an email about a job position back in Colorado. I sent in my resume and didn’t hear anything. I had made a deal with myself that I wasn’t running back home until I had a job.  

 Long way back home                        Actual sign in Maine

I happen to be home one weekend for a wedding and got a call about the position. Later that day, between a wedding rehearsal and a rehearsal dinner, I had an interview. As soon as I sat down across from the woman, I knew I wanted to work for her.

And now I do. I am employed by AgInfoLink and my business card reads Verified Services. I have come to learn that entails many things.  I travel to ranches, backgrounding operations, and feedlots across the country performing audits to qualify producers as Age and Source Verified and Non-Hormone Treated Cattle suppliers. I have also worked on advertising, answering phones in the office, planning dinners out with clients, and getting my boss set up with Blackberry Messenger. I love every second of it and no, I am not just saying this because I think my boss will read this.

I am obviously back in Colorado and have been fortunate enough to work for yet another ag professional that has taken me under her wing. I have a short temper and lack patience, but she manages to guide me down the right path. Our strategy is to count to ten… I recommend this to anyone who might have tendencies similar to mine.

 Winter Travels

The point of this blog is not to bore you with my life story, but remind you that if someone has ever helped you out…pay it forward. Thanks to the agricultural industry for providing the needed support for a gal like me to succeed in this business.

This industry is unique in that we all look after each other – neighbor helping neighbor.

Even though it might not always seem like it, the next generation appreciates what the “older folks” have done and are doing!  

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